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Get Your Business Online for Nail Tech Educators

HNS- The Studio
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Are you still posting dead-end flyers with ‘DM me’ instructions??

Responding to messages when you should be enjoying your life?

Meeting up with students to collect cash?

This method of doing business is outdated.

Technology makes it easy for you to:

  • Share you business
  • Allow students to access all class info at their leisure
  • Focus on preparing for class without interruption of answering questions about the class
  • Make all your training options easy to access

You DO NOT need a website for this.

Here is how you should be doing business:


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Learn how to create your own training brochure, allow students to pay and secure training online, have free time to prepare for class and most of all free time to enjoy your life not answering messages after hours, or waiting for cash payments

Let’s OPTIMIZE your ‘Flyer’ or ‘Ad’ ALL ONLINE!!

Get Your Business Online for Nail Tech Educators

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